Custom Fitness Exercise Latex Resistance Band Y-003

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Custom Fitness Exercise Latex Resistance Band Description

The Custom Exercise Latex Resistance band is made of rubber and can be simply used on their own. It has those uses: Firstly,it can help you build strength. Each band has force on your muscles when you use them on body. Secondly, If your body is on rehabilitation, you can use it for simple movement. Research shows that resistance band is very essential for aiding recovery. Thirdly, it’s very helpful for losing weight. More strength, you will burn more calories, and you will lose more weight. So this resistance band is very helpful for your body.

Besides, Latex Resistance Bands Features as following:
1. Customized Resistance Bands are made of latex elastic tubing used for strength training.
2. This one is light weight, convenient and space saving exercise equipment.
3. This design effectively build muscle strength and strong your body. So there are resistance bands for a variety of exercise that specific muscle groups.
4. Because of single elastic latex tube, the natural latex content is over 99% free of soluble proteins.
5. Strong cushioned foam handles with Zinc alloy clips and D-Ring.
6. Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps.
7. Easily creating over 30 different resistance levels by attaching or all 5 bands to the handle.
8. All Products resistance bands come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
The Latex Resistance Bands have those benefits:
1. Improve the quality of your exercise.
2. Strengthen your balance ability.
3. Light Weight and convenient for using.
If you are interested in them, please contact me for free quotation.

Product Specification

Product name Customized Latex Resistance Band
Color Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black
Material Latex
Resistance level 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs
Usage Home Exercise
Application Indoor Sports Equipment
Feature Durable



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