Custom Foldable Elastic Fitness Yoga Flexi Bar Y-002

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Custom Foldable Elastic Fitness Yoga Flexi Bar Description

This one Custom Foldable Elastic Fitness Yoga Flexi Bar is becoming popular in the market. Why is popular? Because you can use it wherever you are. That will help you fastly to burn fat.

What does the Flexi bar characteristic have? Please check the following points:

  1. High Frequency Vibration 270 times / min: It will help you own deep abdominal muscles/shoulder muscles/trunk muscles.
  2. Environmental Comfort Rubber Protective grip: You will get comfortable Grip and fresh, more wear-resisting, Small weight at both ends, made of rubber. Do not throw out during movement.
  3. High Strength Break Prevention: This Flexi bar is durable, environmental protection and safety.
  4. Non-slip Texture Comfortable Grip: Because of Comfortable grip, you feel not slippery and sticky.

What benefits do Flexi Bar have when using it? You can find some answers as following:

  1. Increase in strength of your joint and core muscles. The bar can help your muscles tension by vibrating at high frequencies.
  2. Improves body health and the stabilization of your spine. Thereby the flexi bar can correct your posture, improve your movement quality and prevents injuries.
  3. Due to Flexi Bar vibrates 270 times/min , it can be used for shoulder joints and body exercise. It also improves muscular strength, stability, and proprioceptive sense.
  4. My clients reporting they feel a difference in muscular strength as well as a better posture, and stronger core.

Product Specification

Product name
customized Gym fitness swing sticker Deep Muscle Training stretch vibrating bar
Rubber + Glass fiber
Carton box package/customized
Delivery Time
3-5 Days after order confirmed for sample
TT, PayPal , Trade assurance



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