Custom Inflatable PVC Gym Exercise Yoga Ball Y-005

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Custom Inflatable PVC Gym Exercise Yoga Ball Description

The custom Yoga ball is for your Yoga training and very well for your fitness. Our Yoga ball have those characteristic as following:
  1. Anti-Burst Structure- Thickened ball wall strong anti extrusion ability.
  2. Tight and solid seal that is not easy to loosen air leakage
  3. Visible quality and high density and exquisite appearance
  4. Use it in your exercise routine to improve balance, strength and stability.
  5. Thickness two centimeters high elasticity and not easy to break
  6. High-density quality, compressive and wear-resistance

After Yoga ball exercise, your body will improve a lot. If you play Practice yoga ball regularly, your body will get so many benefits.

1. Burn more Calories. When sit down on Yoga ball and keep a stability posture, your body will feel more hot. This is simple. Because we move more, the calories will burn more. The more time exercising actively on the stability Yoga ball, the more you move.

2. Relieve your back pain. If you take long time to exercise your back muscles when sport on the custom Yoga ball, you will be able to relieve the back pain when experiencing.

3. Stretch All body Muscles. The Yoga ball, in addition to as your seat, can also help you stretch to relieve any pain you might feel.  It can also provide support when you want to get a deeper stretch that you may not have been able to perform otherwise.

4. Breathe Better. One study showed that when you do exercise on custom Yoga ball, will have much larger air capacity and improves overall your lung function. As long as you are using the Yoga ball properly, it can help you breathe better.

Product Specification

Color: Customized Color
Logo: Accept Custom
MOQ: 1pcs
Material: PVC
Packing: Customized Packing
Sample: Provide Sample
Delivery time: 15-30 Days
Key Feature: High quality
OEM & ODM: Accepted



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