Custom Microfiber Suede Surface Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat Y-004

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Custom Microfiber Suede Surface Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat Description

The Custom Microfiber Suede Surface Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat is very popular in the marketing. This one custom mat advantage is customized surface. You can choose any painting on it.

Why do so many people use Yoga mat ? What benefits does Yoga mat have ?

First, the answer why people use Yoga mat is that it can protect your joints, because its material is very soft. Besides, Yoga mat can provide some supports when do exercise on it. If your hands become really sweaty when practicing some poses or long-time Yoga exercising, and those would slide on the floor and cause you to fall.

Yoga mat is sanitary. Because its TPE material can keep out your body becoming dirty, even though you have wipe the floor clean.

Yoga mat is antiskid. If you want to maintain some pose for longer time,the Yoga mat can help you get greater support.When you were doing yoga on a smooth and waxed wooden floor, it would be very difficult to hold a pose without your body sliding back and forth.

Yoga mat can keep warm. As we know, the floor is the coldest part in the room. When use a yoga mat, you’ll get a warm place to come in contact with instead of the cold floor.

1. What’s the materials for this yoga mat?

TPE. It is the super quality we offer.

2. Can I add my own logo on the product?
Of course, it’s OK for us to make the OEM for you.
3. Before purchasing, may I have a sample?
Sure, we can send you a sample to test the quality.

Product Specification

Product Name
Suede + rubber
As shown in the figure or customized color
183*68*0.5cm or customized size
Eco-friendly, Non-slip, Non-toxic, Comfortable.
Full printing logo



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