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Top 10 Waist Trainer Manufacturers In China

Top 10 Waist Trainer Manufacturers In China

If you are looking for waist trainer manufacturers in China, this blog will be helpful for you. You can find the top 10 waist trainer manufacturers in China in this article. Among those suppliers, choose the one that suits you best.

How to choose the manufacturers in China? What are their advantage and disadvantaged? Read this blog. You will give one clear answer you want.

1.Hexin International Trade Co.,ltd

Hexin International Trade Co.,ltd. is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province. They can be called the largest company of waist trainer manufacturers in China. It has a strong technical reserve and design capability in the field of waist trainer. Hexin International Trade Co.,ltd has a mass of patented designs for waist trainer. So many popular waist trainer patterns are from their designers. The biggest advantage is that they have warehouse in USA. So the delivery time is faster than other companies.

Hexin International Trade Co.,ltd is a great company of custom waist trainer. But their products are not produced by theirselves.Why do they dont produce? Firstly, their procurement price is much lower than other companies in case enormous quantity. Then, they will have more troubles of production, because they learn little production exprience.But product pricing is relatively high. This is easy to understand, because they put more cost into Google AD, Alibaba AD. Secondly, the lead time of their products is very long. If you book small quantity, they will tell you to add quantity. Otherwise, they will dont accpet this order of custom waist trainer.

2. Shenzhen Nanbin Fashion Co.,ltd

Nanbin was established in Shenzhen and has more than 5 years of waist trainer manufacturing experience. They have more than 20 appearance patents. For those patents, so Nanbin has some sepcial appearance. Besides, they produce those products, so you dont worry their quality. Due to Google rank #1, so many orders are coming into Nanbin’s factory.

But, the biggest problem is price. Because they charge more cost in Google and Alibaba, the price will be high to ensure enough profit. Besides, their loading time is also anxious because of so many orders. If you want new custom waist trainer, they ask more MOQ and loading time. It will lose one good opportunity of fast market opening.

3. Hebei Kangshengyuan Sports Goods Co.,ltd

This company is for ONE type waist trainer. Their R&D and design capabilities is not as good as Hexin and Nanbin. But they spend more energy on single product. So if you buy the stock products, they will have more faster leading time. And the quality and price are also fine. You will get one product with acceptable quality and price, but without any attractive point in design.

If you want custom waist trainer in this company, maybe they let you down. The design department will waste your time. When they finish the sample, you take more time to correct it. They are not prossional for custom waist trainer.

4. Body Sculptorst Co.,ltd

This is our company that located in Hengshui City. It doesnt have so much strong design capability, but we still increase investment in research and development. And this cost have occupied 20% of company’s turnover in 2021. We still insist that quality is company’s life. So you will dont worry this problem. Because we have engaged this customized waist trainer field about 10years. Rich exprience will give you more practical suggestions for reference.

Due to many exprienced workers, making sample time can be shortened to 1-3 days. About 7-10 days, you will check the sample by hands. Strong powerful raw material suppliers will guarantee various cloth. So our MOQ will be less than other supplier. You would check the production at any time, and we will share some videos with you in production and quality checking. If you have any question, we will deal with it ASAP.

5. Foshan Langqin Clothing Co., Ltd

This company is from Foshan City. It’s specializing in manufacturing and marketing high quality and Stylish of Corset & lingerie. Their advataged products are corsets, sexy costumes, babydolls, sexy swimwears and lingeries. Near Shenzhen and Guangzhou, it has so many orders from commercial companies. So their biggest market is in domestic. Some trade companies in China would like to let Langqin manufacture products because of lower price. Langqin have a very high market share in Southeast Asia market. If you want to purchase corset, badydolls etc, Langqin will be one good choice for you.

6. Yangzhou Aolikes Sports Goods Co., Ltd

This company is in Yangzhou City. It has huge market in sport goods. Its biggest market is South Korea, and market occupancy is about 30%-40% in South Korea. Some Korean companies only purchase from Aolikes. Honestly speaking, their product is very good, in especial knee brace. Custom waist trainer is not their strengths, besides, they only have several types waist trainer. And they bring in hot-press technology from Germany. I can say that thermal its waist trainer is best in Chinese market.

If you want knitted sport goods, Aolikes will be one very good supplier.

7.Guangzhou Chaoyang Leather Trade Co., Ltd

This is one trading company, located in Guangzhou City. According to its company’s name, you know that they dont manufacture products. So they purchase products from other factories. You can find all products that made in China. But the price and quality are noticeable problem. Besides, they cant guarantee that send you production video at any time. If you order custom waist trainer, Chaoyang will send this order to some factories. Then, lower price will be one essential element. So quality control will be one challenge for you.

8.Shanghai Yi Zhuo Industrial Co., Ltd

It’s one comprehensive manufacturing and trading company located in Shanghai,China. They have rich product lines of various golves. Besides, they have one production line of pet supplie, such as pet clothes, pet bag and bed so on. Various products bring more inquiries and orders. So company have one perfect rate of profit. Maybe you dont know this company, but it’s one venerable company.

If you want various golves and pet supplies, i recommend this company to product manager. Because in golves field, they have this rich experience, the most important thing is that their products are very cost-effective.

9.Hengshui Gangsheng Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Gangsheng is one medical brace company, found in 2017. Their founder have been worked on this medical product more than 10 years. Professional knowledge and rich exprience help them get some Amazon’s top sellers. Their biggest advantage is orthopedic rehabilitation product. Those products are in the front row of industry and deeply loved by customers.

But, as company description, their prfessional product is orthopedic. Custom waist trainer will be one short board.If you want orthopedic product for rehabilitation, Gangsheng will be one well choice for you. It will meet your medical demands.

10. Shijiazhuang AoFeiTe Medical Devices Co., Ltd

Aofeite Medical Co.,ltd is established in Shijiazhuang City. Due to start early, so many foreign customers trust this brand. Their products are very high-quality and affordable. They are not manufacturer, so will purchase those products from Hengshui City, Hebei Province. Besides, they take part in 4 times exhibitions every year. If you frequently go to exhibition, will see them. They were building Amazon store from 2020, so some powful customers start to look for other supplier. And their product quality appeared to the trend of decline at present. Custom waist trainer quality will be one considerable problem.

If you want to order affordable stock, Aofeite will be one fine choice for you. All in all, this is a very good waist trainer supplier that can be trusted for a long time.

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